Kelsey Hansen
Kelsey Hansen's Fundraiser

Together we can make a direct impact on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children

Join me and help make a difference! Please give today.

$2,500 towards $5,000

America World Adoption has a huge place in my heart. They're a non profit Christian adoption agency that has been faithfully helping bring orphans home to Christian families for 25 years. They not only provide adoption services, they also provide counseling to post adoptive families, advocate for orphan awareness, and run orphan care missions trips around the globe.

I have worked with AWAA for 7 years now and have been able to see first hand, the amazing work they do that impacts children all over the world.

What most people see of America World's work is the children that are coming home, which is of course a huge part of what we do. What you dont get to see and what has kept me passionate about this organization, is the work we do behind the scenes, supporting vulnerable children, advocating for hard to place kids and supporting those in need in their home country. America World operates as a fee for service agency, those fees help us run the bare essential adoption work we do, however, without the support of generous donors we wouldn't be able to employ staff in developing countries, providing jobs, we wouldn't be able to sponsor families preventing children from becoming orphans, we wouldn't be able step in and help orphanages that need additional support, as well as the many other things we do 'outside' of our regular adoption work.

This is our annual fundraiser and our biggest one of the year! We received a generous matching grant of $100,000 that will go towards matching any donation given towards this campaign.

I am looking for partners to help me reach my goal of $5,000 All proceeds will go towards helping America World bring more orphans into loving Christian families and supporting kids across the globe.

Just a small donation will go a long way!