Benjamin Andrew
Benjamin Andrew's Fundraiser

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$24,425 towards $10,000

America World Adoption has a huge place in our hearts. They're a non profit Christian adoption agency that has been faithfully helping bring orphans home to Christian families for 25 years. They not only provide adoption services, they also provide counseling to post adoptive families, advocate for orphan awareness, and run orphan care missions trips around the globe.

They are especially important to us because of their faithful management of the Benjamin Andrew Lance Fund.

We are honored that the Benjamin Andrew Lance Fund will be included with the Season of Hope matching funds up to $10,000. This fund was established in 2009 under the AWA umbrella as an endowment fund after the passing of our beloved son Benjamin Andrew Lance. Andy developed a love for orphans while visiting the Pakkret Babies Home with Melodie, while we were stationed in Thailand. The seeds for this mission were planted during a conversation between Melodie and Andy. Andy remarked that if every family in our community would adopt a child today, the orphanage would be cleared. Andy's heart was troubled after learning of the complex and expensive steps necessary to make a child eligible to be matched with a family.

It is our mission to honor Andy by helping fund the solution to this little known hurdle between an orphaned child and their waiting family with the sustained earnings from this endowment fund. The principle in this fund stands at $132,000 as of 1 December 2018, with earnings totaling $3300 in 2018. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of the new professional portfolio manager, and your contributions this month, we are looking forward to even greater earnings. Because of the nature of an endowment fund, these earnings are funds that AWA can count on in good years and bad, to help make these orphaned children paperwork ready to join their forever family.

We are looking for partners to help us reach our goal of $10,000 this Season of Hope. All proceeds will go towards helping America World bring orphaned children into loving Christian families.

Even a small donation will go a long way! If your employer provides matching funds for charitable donations, this can provide an even greater blessing. For example, Chevron matches $3000/year for retirees, and $10,000/year for active employees for eligible donations through "Your Cause". AWA is on the list of eligible charities, just note contribution goes to Benjamin Andrew Lance Fund.